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The Person I Admire The Most

The Person I Admire The Most

Who do you admire the most? We admire people to different degrees and for different reasons. The person that I admire the most is someone who embodies that “for me to live is Christ.” Here are some of the reasons I admire this person so much:

  • She abandoned a prospective “career” in her youth to move to France as a missionary with YWAM.
  • She was part of planting a church in a town of 5500 inhabitants, in a spiritual desert in France.
  • She has raised up six children, all of which have turned out pretty awesome (hehe), and are following Jesus.
  • She makes everyone she meets feel valued and loved.
  • She is incredibly generous with her money.
  • She handled the death of her husband in a heroic way, keeping he eyes on heaven through the pain (even dancing at the memorial service, at the thought of one day being in heaven herself).
  • She is constantly seeking God, and his kingdom first, she is a woman of the Word and a woman of prayer.
  • She is now considering going back to Mozambique as a missionary for some time, at over 60.

You’ve guessed it, that person is my own mother, Wendy Hockley 🙂 Love you Mum!

Mum & Leanah
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