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The Game with Minutes

The Game with Minutes

As of late, I have been digging into some Norwegian culture, and more specifically “Sophie’s World” by Jostein Gaarder. This book is an absorbing introduction to philosophy, that has caused me to consider different areas of life. One of the sentences that had me cogitating was one by David Hume, describing some of what is happening in our minds as:

a bundle or collection of different perceptions, which succeed one another with an unconceivable rapidity, and are in perpetual flux and movement.
Sophie’s World p272

Acknowledging Jesus in our lives.
Acknowledging Jesus in our lives.

Well, if this is happening in me, then my goal in life is to include, or rather acknowledge Jesus in as many of these perceptions as possible. Another person to have voiced this thought is Frank Laubach, missionary in the Philippines (only American missionary to be honored on a US postage stamp). In his pamphlet “The Game with Minutes” he invited Christians to attempt keeping God in mind for at least one second of every minute of the day.

You should try it! It is a challenge to keep up, but it is a great blessing! Here is the pamphlet for you to download:

[a href=”” style=”small” title=”Download The Game With Minutes – PDF” target=””]Dowload the Game with Minutes – PDF[/a]
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