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Top 10 things I love about working with missions

Top 10 things I love about working with missions

Guro and I have just come back from holiday in Spain. Coming back to work is an amazing blessing when you love the work you are doing. Here is a top 10 list of reasons why I love working with missions:

  1. Getting to know God more – I have definitely discovered amazingly much about Him through spending time with Him
  2. I found my amazing wife in missions
  3. Here she is :-)
    Here she is 🙂
  4. Seeing others finding God – One of life’s greatest experiences is being with someone that feels God’s presence for the first time, or that understands the message of the Gospel, or that get healed by God on the streets
  5. All the friends with a heart for God that I have made
  6. Traveling and getting to know different cultures, meeting new people, making new friends, eating new kinds of food
  7. Just came back from Spain
    Just came back from Spain
  8. Inspiring other young Christians to live for God, and being an example for them
  9. Spending my time meaningfully, impacting eternity and living for something greater than me
  10. Being constantly challenged in different ways. This enables me to grow!
  11. Walking alongside great leaders, people that I can trust and be inspired of.
  12. Living by faith financially – Maybe not something that I always “love”, but a blessing for sure!
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