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Why my flesh really didn’t like the Jesus Festival in Oslo

Why my flesh really didn’t like the Jesus Festival in Oslo

Our home church in Oslo, Jesus Church, has just organized it’s first festival called “Jesus Festival”. I estimate that about 2000 different people turned up during the week to celebrate Jesus, be equipped, and learn about reaching the nations. My flesh didn’t like the festival so much, and here is why:

It reminded me of who I should be and the work to be done

Ron Luce was one of the guest preachers at the conference. He also held a youth ministry leader workshop, and depicted the condition of the world’s youth. This reminded me that I cannot have a self-centered, comfortable life; I have a great responsibility as a leader for young people, a fact altogether too easy for me and many of us to forget. If I am going to be a part of reaching this generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I need to dream, to plan, and to work more than ever before. Painful stuff for the flesh, but so good to hear.

The Jesus Revolution 10 years celebration concert
The Jesus Revolution 10 years celebration concert

Too much focus on Jesus and Missions

True to modern Christianity, my flesh would have liked to hear Ulf Ekman and Denis Rouse, the other guest preachers, share about how to be a successful middle-class Christian. Unfortunately, one preached about the Holy Spirit, and the other about value transformation, how to deny yourself and be more like Jesus. On Saturday, Jesus Revolution celebrated its 10 years with a MEGA concert, putting together many great songs from these last years. Again, the need for workers in Europe was preached. My flesh didn’t like it, but I loved it! Added to this, great worship and fellowship finished the work. I look forward to next year!

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